Invited talks

Public plenary lecture

Hannes Leitgeb
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich Ramsification and Semantic Indeterminacy slides abstract


Michael Rathjen
University of Leeds Well-ordering principles in proof theory and reverse mathematics slides abstract
Dilip Raghavan
National University of Singapore Higher cardinal invariants abstract

Retiring Presidential Address

Ulrich Kohlenbach
TU Darmstadt Local proof-theoretic foundations, proof-theoretic tameness and proof mining slides abstract

Plenary lectures

Samson Abramsky
University of Oxford Relating Structure and Power: a junction between categorical semantics, model theory and descriptive complexity abstract
Zoé Chatzidakis
Ecole Normale Supérieure Notions of difference closures of difference fields slides abstract
Osvaldo Guzmán
University of Toronto The ultrafilter and almostdisjointness numbers slides abstract
Matthew Harrison-Trainor
Victoria University of Wellington Describing countable structures slides abstract
Jan Krajíček
Charles University Model theory and proof complexity slides abstract
Vincenzo de Risi
CNRS, Paris Diderot University Drawing Lines through Rivers and Cities. The Meaning of Postulates from Euclid to Hilbert abstract
Gil Sagi
University of Haifa Logic and natural language: commitments and constraints slides abstract
Thomas Scanlon
University of California at Berkeley Over six decades of the model theory of valued fields abstract
Rineke Verbrugge
University of Groningen Zero-one laws for provability logic and some of its siblings slides abstract
Martin Ziegler
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Logic of Computing with Continuous Data: Foundations of Numerical Software Engineering slides abstract

Special Sessions

Set Theory
Yair Hayut   University of Vienna
Stationary Reflection at the successor of a singular cardinal slides abstract Heike Mildenberger   University of Freiburg
Generalised Miller forcing may collapse cardinals slides abstract Andy Zucker   Paris Diderot University
Bernoulli disjointness slides abstract
organized by David Chodounský and Osvaldo Guzmán
Model Theory
Ayse Berkman   Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University
Sharp actions of groups in the finite Morley rank context slides abstract Philip Dittmann   KU Leuven
Models of the common theory of algebraic extensions of the rational numbers abstract Angus Macintyre   Queen Mary University of London
Model theory of adeles. Arithmetic equivalence abstract Francesco Parente   University of Leeds
Model-theoretic properties of ultrafilters and universality of forcing extensions abstract
organized by Thomas Scanlon and Maryanthe Malliaris
Reflection Principles and Modal Logic
Ali Enayat   University of Gothenburg
Some recent news about truth theories slides abstract Emil Jeřábek   Czech Academy of Sciences
Arithmetical and propositional reflection principles slides abstract Fedor Pakhomov   Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow
A weak set theory that proves its own consistency abstract Albert Visser   Utrecht University
Löb's logic and the Lewis arrow slides abstract
organized by Joost Joosten and David Fernández-Duque
Proof Theory and Proof Complexity
Bahareh Afshari   University of Gothenburg
An infinitary treatment of fixed point modal logic abstract Olaf Beyersdorff   University of Jena
Proof complexity of quantified Boolean formulas slides abstract Sara Negri   University of Helsinki
Syntax for semantics abstract Pedro Pinto   Univeristy of Lisbon
Proof mining with the bounded functional interpretation slides abstract Thomas Powell   TU Darmstadt
A new application of proof mining in the fixed point theory of uniformly convex Banach spaces abstract Neil Thapen   Czech Academy of Sciences
Induction, search problems and approximate counting slides abstract
organized by Ulrich Kohlenbach and Samuel Buss
Laurent Bienvenu   LaBRI
Some questions of uniformity in algorithmic randomness slides abstract Valentina Harizanov   George Washington University
Approximately computable equivalence structures abstract Denis Hirschfeldt   University of Chicago
Computability theory, reverse mathematics, and Hindman's Theorem slides abstract Noah Schweber   University of Wisconsin–Madison
More effective cardinal characteristics abstract
organized by Damir Dzhafarov and Alexander Shen
Foundations of Geometry
Michael Beeson   San José State University
On the notion of equal figures in Euclid slides abstract Pierre Boutry   University of Strasbourg
Towards an independent version of Tarski's system of geometry slides abstract John Mumma   Cal State San Bernardino
Diagrams and parallelism abstract Gianluca Paolini   University of Torino
First-order model theory of free projective planes slides abstract
organized by John T. Baldwin and Victor Pambuccian

Program Committee


The Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology will be held in Prague in 2019 in the week before the Logic Colloquium, in the same venue. Participants wishing to visit both conferences are eligible for a reduced fee in the Early bird registration period. For more information about the congress, please visit their website.